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We at Cool Summer Records know that some of you may have just been introduced to Portland OR’s, Aan, via the video for “I Don’t need Love”, the band’s newest single.  Well Aan have been at it since 2007, honing their sound and making great music along the way.  In 2011, Aan put out their first vinyl single, the Somewhere’s Sunshine 7″ on Infinite Front.  These two songs “Somewhere’s Sunshine”, and “Haunted, Million Ways” were our first taste of Aan’s brand of experimental, psychedelic, avant-pop,  piquing our interest, getting us hooked, and ultimately confirming we had to work with this incredibly talented band.  We feel that this release may have gone somewhat under the radar and didn’t necessarily get the attention it deserved, so we’d like to make it know that there are still copies of this limited release available.  In the era of Spotify, Pandora, and all sorts of other ways to sample new music for free, we encourage you to give this release a listen and if you hear the potential that we heard, spend a little money and effort to purchase a physical copy or at least the download of this classic release.  All of the money generated from the sale of this 7″ goes directly to the band to help fund future releases as well as hit the road and bring their incredible live show directly to you.  We are absolutely thrilled to announce we will be bringing you brand new music from Aan in the winter of 2013 and cant wait for you to hear how this band has evolved and perfected their sound.  We don’t believe in kickstarter, and we assure you Aan’s next 7″ will be released with no crowdfunded goal to reach.  We’re not asking you to buy into the idea of Aan’s future release that you haven heard yet, we’re asking you to support a band with a great release that you can hear and purchase right now if you like the band or enjoy the music.  Check out the jams below and if you like what you’re hearing you can purchase a physical copy or digital download of the 7″ here.

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