Aan is a fearless experimental pop band from Portland, Oregon Mixing heavily textured guitars with rich vocal harmonies.  Since forming in 2007, the band (which features Wilson, bassist Reese Lawhon, drummer Jon Lewis, and guitarist Jeff Bond) has been gaining a steady buzz in and around the Pacific Northwest. Aan built their fanbase from the ground up, thanks to a handful of self-released CD-Rs and a knack for delivering brazen live sets. While the band beckons comparisons to experimental pop acts like Menomena and Yeasayer, their sound is undeniably unique, a mix of quick bursts, catchy hooks, and song forms that consistently shirk expectations.  The vocal dexterity of singer Bud Wilson skillfully reaches the octaves of the late Jeff Buckley while maintaining a timbre that’s much grittier.  Aan’s arrangements lie somewhere between Sub Pop’s late nineties catalog and the Anticon label’s inventiveness.

Cool Summer Records is proud to announce the release Aan’s Mystery Life 7” on Feb, 5, 2013, featuring both “Mystery Life” and B-side “Spiritual Provisions.”

The 7″ is available now here

Here is “I Don’t Need Love,”  as a live performance of the song from Portland’s Into the Woods.

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